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STOMP™: Spiritual Tremors Over Marital Privileging

In today's society Spiritual Leaders are sought more and more to provide an extended intervention based outside of the spiritual world of being "The Way, The Truth, and The light." Good Shepard may encompass by training or personal belief multidisciplinary approaches in accordance with today's sociological mandates that at times are outside the spiritual roles of one's ordination. These interventions when used may put a Chaplain in conflict with other program approaches in the community in which all parties live, play, work and seek religious expression.

STOMP™ will provide participants with the opportunity to become acquainted, and to share their concerns regarding family violence in their religious community. STOMP™ has been designed specifically for Religious Leaders to: identify the positive contribution of religion in support of family life; identify specific scriptural and theological issues which may be raised by clients and their families in the context of abuse and neglect in the parish in which they live; describe a Chaplain's function in intervention and aftercare to families experiencing violence and neglect. Other topics discussed will identify resources and programs which contribute to strengthening family life and state the position of your individual faith group regarding privileged communication and confidentiality in the community in which religious leadership is living.

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