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STOMP™ (Systematic Thinking Of Momentary Punking) for youth is an invitation for family's to discuss adolescent-child Issues/Behaviors/Anger once the child has entered into the Criminal Justice System via arrest, deferred prosecution, , Teen Court, alternative schooling, etc. STOMP™ is an anger management seminar for families. What started out as a 6-week program only for youth morphemically changed to a 4-week program for youth for two weeks and then parents for two weeks to the current presentation of a 4-hour Saturday morning seminar for the entire family with 20 hours of self-help material to be taken home and explored. Topics covered are the birth of anger; how different families cope; what youth and parents have in common; striking similar attitudes shared by the youth and elderly that drive the rest of us insane; when the range of anger is changed just by rearranging the letter r; "I am 16 have an attitude and I think all adults are stupid"; entrainment; exchange theory, unfortunate events and the theory of AH.

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